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Do you have a responsive web site?  What is responsive design and why is it important?  Resposive design ensures that your website looks great on all your electronic devices; your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.  It's important that anyone looking at your site sees it looking great on all sizes of screens.  Before resposive design, we would have to build each page of a website and optimize all photos for the screen size we were designing for.  These days, it would be safe to say that a minimum of four sizes are needed, which mean a web designer would basically be designing four websites.  The same site to fit in each size medium.  Resposive design has made this easier for designers to produce a web site optimized for all applications which in turn makes it less expensive for our clients websites to look professional on all platforms and sizes.


Kelly Graphics can create or update your site to a responsive site so your business looks great on any size screen.  Contact us for more details on creating a responsive website for your business or organization.



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